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At SAAM Terminals, compliance is much more than mere regulatory compliance and strict adherence to legislation in each jurisdiction. It involves working every day with the conviction that a culture of integrity must shape the way we do business, lending a distinction and competitive advantage that enables the company to grow sustainably and build stakeholder confidence.

Code of Ethics 

The SAAM Terminals Code of Ethics is based on corporate values. It establishes the organization’s position on the most relevant management issues and serves as a guide for putting corporate values into practice in daily activities.

Compliance Program 

The SAAM Terminals Compliance Program is a set of policies, procedures, tools and actions that the company has implemented to preventively address compliance risks arising from its line of business, internal processes or the environment.  

The program involves preventive actions and steps to detect and respond to these risk events with effective supervision and performance monitoring, thereby creating a compliance culture based on international standards and firmly rooted in ethics.   

The Compliance Program prevents unlawful conduct that could lead to corporate criminal liability or free competition violations. Likewise, it is designed to fulfill management and supervision duties and to strengthen and consolidate compliance culture and corporate integrity. 

Whistleblower Channel 

The company’s Whistleblower Channel is the way through which employees and related third parties can report irregularities, infractions, and breaches of laws and regulations in force, transgressions to the ethical principles established in the Code of Ethics in business and internal regulations, such as the Internal Regulations, Compliance Program, policies and/or procedures.

SAAM Terminals’ Whistleblower Channel operates securely and confidentially, providing the possibility of anonymous reporting. It is provided by an external service through a service provision contract and hosted on secure servers outside the company.

Access to our Whistleblower Platform here