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The people who are part of SAAM Terminals and the companies it operates are the foundation of the company’s operations. They enable the company to deliver excellent service in each market.

In this area, the company promotes optimal performance. It maximizes internal talent by applying best practices and awarding positions of responsibility based on personal merit, thus materializing the organizational vision of attracting and retaining well-trained professionals.

The company is working to establish a robust, fully-fledged safety culture and a working environment characterized by commitment, quality labor relations and valuing diversity. These elements are essential to achieving the company’s strategy.


The extensive presence of SAAM Terminals in the Americas has made it possible to attract a diverse staff. As of December 2022, the company has 4,528 employees.

At Port Terminals

Health and Safety 

At SAAM Terminals, safety is the most important value. The company places the care and health of people above all else. To that end, it is implementing the +Safety strategy,  based on the highest standards, to drive the company towards a prevention safety culture at all levels of the organization and ensure its employees’ physical and mental health. The strategy focuses in leadership, identification of high potential risks that could cause serious and fatal injuries (SFI), and preventive controls.   

In an effort to ensure enduring sustainability and support the strategy, several training courses and measurements were undertaken to generate visible on-site leadership, establish processes and monitor employee adherence to program processes.

Diversity and Inclusiveness  

SAAM Terminals understands the value of diversity within an organization. As a differentiating factor, it makes the company more globally competitive by nurturing diverse points of view, boosting creativity and innovation and broadening the approach. The company’s commitment to diversity is reflected in the Diversity and Inclusiveness Policy, designed to communicate and integrate these issues in the workplace, at all company levels, within a framework of respect and comprehension of the underlying value of individual differences. 

Safety Vision

“I take care of myself, I take care of you, and I lead by example.  At SAAM Terminals and its companies, we work together to incorporate safety into each of our actions, all day, every day”