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SAAM Terminals recognizes SPC for progress in organizational transformation


SAAM Terminals recognized Costa Rica’s Sociedad Portuaria Caldera (SPC) and Sociedad Portuaria Granelera de Caldera (SPGC) for their progress in implementing the 2023 Business Excellence SAAM Terminals (BEST) program.

The initiative seeks to provide people with tools to drive the organization’s transformation to manage its business in an ongoing quest for excellence at the ten ports it operates in the Americas. Teams have been trained in conflict resolution, Kaizen, One Set of Numbers, 6S and visual management methodologies in order to improve their performance.

The CEO of SAAM Terminals, Mauricio Carrasco, noted that “BEST is helping us to leave our hallmark on all our operations, built around the core concepts of respect for all employees and leading by example. We want to foster a culture that values awareness, skill and effort to do the best possible work and roll out all our capabilities to generate value at the service of foreign trade.”

On this occasion, SPC and SPGC were recognized for their leaders’ dedication to deploying the program. The terminal has implemented a system of regular meetings and adopted a series of strategies to use industry-standard indicators, solve problems, do a better job and be more productive.

SPC’s project leader, Andrés Gamboa, added that “we are very pleased with our progress and performance in implementing the continuous improvement program. This is thanks to all the employees who are committed to strengthening their skills and competencies at work.”