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Av. Apoquindo 4800, Torre II, piso 9, Las Condes

Antofagasta Terminal Internacional – ATI (Chile)

Antofagasta Region

This multipurpose terminal is strategically located to serve the mining industry in Chile’s most active mining region. It serves as a port of entry for equipment, inputs and raw materials for lithium processing and a port of exit for minerals (copper and lithium in its various formats). 

The port’s area of influence spans the Antofagasta and Atacama regions in Chile, northwest Argentina and southwest Bolivia. Its proximity to several mining companies is a great logistical advantage. The region also has one of the world’s largest lithium reserves, and energy projects have proliferated in recent years. The port offers access to the region’s main highways and railways.

Berth length

445 m

Berth depth

12.2 m

Port cranes

4.0x (MHC)

Handling capacity

180,000 TEU


66,399 TEU in 2022
2,703,439 Ton in 2022

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