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TPG leads container movement in Ecuador for the sixth year


Terminal Portuario de Guayaquil (TPG) ) -operated by SAAM Terminals- leads the port sector with operational excellence and a commitment to sustainability. In the last six years, it has mobilized over three million containers, consolidating its position as a strategic partner for exporters and importers, with an annual average of 500,000 containers.

TPG CEO Luisenrique Navas remarked that the terminal’s figures had increased significantly, from 487,904 containers mobilized in 2022 to 507,223 in 2023. The Ecuadorian products with the highest trade volume – bananas, shrimp, timber, cocoa, canned tuna and mining concentrate – were primarily destined for Asia, Latin America and Europe.

In 2023, TPG received 388 vessels of various drafts, though it has received large vessels with lengths of up to 370 meters in recent years. “TPG efficiently served large vessels thanks to our operational capacity, advanced technology and highly qualified, experienced team of professionals,” Navas emphasized.

“Flexibility is the key to our service. We adapt to each client’s needs and do not ask them to adapt to us,” remarked Navas. He also mentioned that future investments will focus on technology and automation, with plans to acquire new equipment for yard and ship services and expand the capacity for connection to clean energy, keeping with TPG’s sustainability policy.

Looking to the future, Terminal Portuario de Guayaquil is committed to continuing its contributions to the country’s economic growth. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, TPG is poised to meet the challenges of today’s economic landscape and remain a trusted partner for those seeking world-class operational logistics.