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TMAZ sets record in vehicle mobilization and foresees further expansion in 2024


Terminal Marítima Mazatlán (TMAZ), operated by SAAM Terminals, reported a positive balance for 2023, marked by a sharp increase in its throughput of vehicles and steel imports.

TMAZ reached a cargo volume of 1,110,495 tons – 22% growth over the previous year. Regarding imports and exports, it moved 820,172 tons and 290,323 tons, respectively and reported serving 323 ships in 2023.

TMAZ CEO Mauricio Ortiz remarked, “One 2023 goal was to continue strengthening TMAZ’s experience and specialization in the vehicle segment – where we increased throughput by 1,174% – and continue positioning ourselves as the second largest operator for vehicles in the Pacific. We have prepared ourselves and the entire logistics chain to have the capacity to receive the additional vehicles.”

The terminal mobilized 166,304 vehicles, compared to 13,054 units in 2022. The terminal expects to leverage the growth of Chinese brands in order to mobilize 200,000 vehicles, representing a 33% increase, in 2024.

Steel imports were up 53% in 2023 at 357,800 tons mobilized. The executive added, “In preparation [for growth], we have purchased three medium-sized forklifts that will be added to our fleet in 2024 and increase our unloading capacity by 10%.”


TMAZ continued to reinforce a core aspect of its operations: sustainability. In 2023, the company earned ISO 14001 and 9001 certifications. It also complied with a series of environmental requirements, including recycling 56% of waste (a 24% improvement over the previous year).