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SAAM Terminals partners with Next Port AI to boost digital solutions in ports


SAAM Terminals closed a global collaboration agreement with Next Port AI, the technology subsidiary of the global company Moffatt & Nichol, to implement their new platform that combine DigitalTwin and Artificial Intelligence technologies: a digital replica of the port´s physical assets, processes and systems that is created from real-time data collected from sensors and other IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, and used to analyze, predict and optimize the port´s performance.

This solution, which will be implemented in two pilots, will enhance operational excellence and optimize the Terminal Operating System (TOS), which manages and automates operations platform across its terminals.

By integrating a sophisticated data platform, NextPort AI will connect THE TOS and other critical systems, adhering to industry standards such as DCSA and TIC4.0, to support decision making and exception handling in the terminals control rooms. The goal of this integration is to maximize asset performance and streamline centralized planning.

The CEO of SAAM Terminals, Mauricio Carrasco, commented that “the implementation of state-of-the-art digital technologies in our terminals marks a significant milestone in the evolution of our organization. Real-time data capture and the utilization of artificial intelligence will provide us with invaluable insights into our ports, enabling us to make better-informed decisions regarding operations, maintenance and customer service processes”.

The executive added that this alliance will connect, transform and enable the use of data to drive data intelligence in the operating systems of the company’s terminals.

For his part, Moffatt & Nichol Global Director Port and Terminal Development, Christian Blauert commented that “SAAM Terminals’ commitment to operational excellence and technological advancement aligns perfectly with our vision for DigitalTwin and AI innovation. We are proud to collaborate closely to transform our cutting-edge developments into practical customer value and ultimately drive industry transformation.”

The system uses Machine Learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence techniques, fundamental to process information and generate valuable background with advanced analytics.